Sunday, November 08, 2009

Anti Cinta

Semalam tgh syok2 tido di bawah selimut biru, sambil ditemani hujan, tibe terasa seolah-olah kepala diketuk-ketuk. Hatta, aku pun terbangun. I tgk around me, takde orang pun. Try tido balik, tetibe ada melodi aneh tapi agak menarik di telinga ditemani oleh ketukan di atas kepala mengikut rythm. I know its that time again. I just don't get it why bila dicari tak jumpa, but bile dah syok tido, pukul 4 pagi baru dia datang. oh well, i was excited to put this on paper, so i jumped from my toto grab my guitar and pen and start pre-record it on my handphone.

sambung tido, esok bile cek my notebook, ade bridge and a chorus line.

This song, i guess its called Anti-Cinta, sbb hook dia kat situ. It's about this person yang probably dah been thru a lot of pain during his past relationships, so he decided to take a break from "being in love" for awhile. But suddenly ade dis girl yang tetibe confess kat the guy, so he basically telling the girl that he's not interested on having any relationship for the time being, and hope she doesn't take it personally. Ntah pape la mamat tu.

I know the word "Anti-Cinta" mcm gile negative kan. But i think i wasnt talking about Love generally, cos love IS a good thing, and at some point love is the main reason we do what we do. So i guess im specifically telling a story about this paranoid character who's afraid to be in a relationship. So jgn fikir negatively la kot.

here's the song! Still rough raw mcm sandwich yang tak siap :)

Anti Cinta ROUGH - Nabil Zamanhuri

lyrics :

Kau pasti takkan percaya
Mendengar alasanku bila
Ku kata ku menghindar cinta

Namun perlu kau sedari
Bukannya aku membenci
Just please don't take it personally
It's not you..It's me.

Dari pencinta-wanita, tapi kini diriku Anti Cinta
Kau ada hak untuk pilih yang lain kerna ku Anti Cinta
Tak perlulah kau membuang masa menungguku
Ku tak mungkin dapat memberikan cintaku
Dari pencinta-wanita, tapi kini diriku Anti Cinta

I dunno where to go from here. But I'll work something out :)
Nabil Zamanhuri

Creative Commons License
Anti Cinta by Nabil Zamanhuri is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Malaysia License.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

How to write a song that breaks your heart.

Bapak lama tak update. haha. but seriously, im not a regular blogger. I just write when i feel like writing.

Oh, and finally, my first ballad "Dari Jauh" was launched on the 8th October. Here are some of the pictures during the event :

berjoget tak hingat punya

When i started writing this song, I knew i want it to be a break-up song. I want it to be anthemic, that listeners can relate to it, and say "Hey, this song is about me."

So, i don't wanna do something with minor chords, u know, the typical "begging for her to come back" kind of songs. Nor i don't want it to have a lot of those hi-pitch long notes with a lot of modulation right in the middle of the song.

The song is about "letting go". So im trying achieve the feeling of cold sadness - it's like whispering to someone's ear while she's sleeping, telling her that u're going somewhere, and we might not gonna see each other again. At the intro of the song, u can hear this tapping sound as thou rain falls on your window. And as it went to the 2nd verse, u can hear the timpani, represents the thunder.

I worked extra hard on this song, cos this song means a lot to me. I have to say it's quite personal, but i know everyone might have gone through this.

The song didn't really make it, comercially thou. The radio stations didn't really play it. I'm not sure why, but I don't really care. I just gonna focus with what im doing. I posted it on my facebook and myspace, and my fans ordered it from me...some of them even posted it on youtube and blogs..they sent comments and say something like "lagu ni sedih gila, macam cerita pasal saya dulu", and "lagu ni memang sesuai untuk aku, ex aku baru je kawin..*sobs*", they tell me how much the song has touched me, i have achieved exactly what i want from the song. To move people.

Well, sorry membebel panjang. Thing is, during this PC, the reporters suma tanya about the song, and i told them each and every detail. Tapi, yang keluar "NABIL kuat merajuk". So, the main story was about me and my so-called love life, dekat 18 perenggan duk cerita pasal "berpunya tak berpunya", the only thing they wrote about the song was "Dari Jauh, mengisahkan percintaan 2 insan".... I lol'd.

Alright then. Here is Dari Jauh,

Dari Jauh - Nabil Zamanhuri

here's the performance :)