Monday, April 26, 2010

Hati Ini terharu :)

I found this when I was browsing Youtube. Ok fine. I was youtubing my name. But then, i found this!!
Someone covered my very first song that i wrote, Hati Ini. I was so excited campur terharu dowhh. And they did the original acoustic version instead of the radio version. This song means a lot to me, cos it was my very first song. They have really made my day, and give me more reason and inspired me to write more and more songs. Thanx guys :')

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dude, seriously

I really need to change my blogging habits.

I only blog whenever i want, however i want.
But then, doing that, make me lazy to even blog at all.

Haih. Nabil nabil. The main reason why i created this blog is to see progress. Yes.
That's what it is. Tapi kalau tak update, mana progress nya dong. Dong. haha. klaka la. DONG.

Maybe i should start by changing the theme of my blog. Hitam ini sangat dull dan emo-ish.
Tapi saya malas untuk cari template, adjust coding and semua benda alah itu. issshhh rimas sungguh.
Ok lah. Here's a little update sejak my last post, ya.

I've recorded a new song, kira first single under Alibi Music label. It's pretty much "Stargate Ne-yo"
 inspired, with the romantic-sad chords progression with some in-your face street beats, including some synth lines. I worked with Adeep TFC and Cat on the melody and lyrics, while Francis did the beats. I'm very happy with the song, finally after few years i came up with something I really wanted to do, a good up-beat R&B song that everyone can dance with. 
It's different than what I've done before, though it has been a dream for me to do something like this, but people has been stopping me from doing this kind of genre back then sebab menurut diorang it's "not commercial". But the ones that u said suppose to be "commercial" tu pun tak ke mana, so F u. Now I'm doing it, no one's gonna stop me.

Pastu, few weeks ago i entered Worldstars Road to Hollywood. It was a last minute thing. Seriously, masa audition aku tak prepare apa langsung. But luckily I got through to the semi finals, and then to the final. But sadly, masa final, I had the worst sore throat (bukan alasan okaaay. but yeah, this is entirely my fault) of my career. So nope, i failed to get to Hollywood, but i guess it wasn't my rezeki. Shylla and Iz Sulaini dapat, and I'm so happy for them. They were awesome that night, in fact, all of them were great. Probably competition yang paling menakutkan skali ever entered because EVERYONE has very powerful vocals, quality jaaaaauh lebih dahsyat daripada the reality tv shows yang kita duk idang hari2.

But then, I was selected to represent Malaysia for Shanghai Asia New Singer Competition 2010, the one yang Datuk Siti and Jaclyn penah menang dulu, and will be held in Beijing. I pegi on the 28th of April, which is next week! So I only have less than two weeks left to prepare! Esok I'll be seeing Adnan Abu Hassan, so that he can help me polish my vocals before i go.

Panjang kan? Tersangatlah TL;DR (too long;don't read) ye? Inilah terjadi bila lamaaaa tak update. Skali update banyak nak mampus rupanya. Ye lah, saya bukan seperti Nada Rahman yang mampu update blognya bila2 dia nak. Ok dah2. Apa2 i will update, especially when I'm in Beijing :)