Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Moving to Tumblrtown

yeah, it's gettin' pretty dull in here.

it's just too many texts and dark colors. saya mau pindah. i found tumblr. sgt colorful and full of positive vibes. saya suka. im gonna upload soo many pictures and maybe some of my sketches & artworks :)

the posts will always be here for u to browse. i see u at tumblr! :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Anti Cinta

Semalam tgh syok2 tido di bawah selimut biru, sambil ditemani hujan, tibe terasa seolah-olah kepala diketuk-ketuk. Hatta, aku pun terbangun. I tgk around me, takde orang pun. Try tido balik, tetibe ada melodi aneh tapi agak menarik di telinga ditemani oleh ketukan di atas kepala mengikut rythm. I know its that time again. I just don't get it why bila dicari tak jumpa, but bile dah syok tido, pukul 4 pagi baru dia datang. oh well, i was excited to put this on paper, so i jumped from my toto grab my guitar and pen and start pre-record it on my handphone.

sambung tido, esok bile cek my notebook, ade bridge and a chorus line.

This song, i guess its called Anti-Cinta, sbb hook dia kat situ. It's about this person yang probably dah been thru a lot of pain during his past relationships, so he decided to take a break from "being in love" for awhile. But suddenly ade dis girl yang tetibe confess kat the guy, so he basically telling the girl that he's not interested on having any relationship for the time being, and hope she doesn't take it personally. Ntah pape la mamat tu.

I know the word "Anti-Cinta" mcm gile negative kan. But i think i wasnt talking about Love generally, cos love IS a good thing, and at some point love is the main reason we do what we do. So i guess im specifically telling a story about this paranoid character who's afraid to be in a relationship. So jgn fikir negatively la kot.

here's the song! Still rough raw mcm sandwich yang tak siap :)

Anti Cinta ROUGH - Nabil Zamanhuri

lyrics :

Kau pasti takkan percaya
Mendengar alasanku bila
Ku kata ku menghindar cinta

Namun perlu kau sedari
Bukannya aku membenci
Just please don't take it personally
It's not you..It's me.

Dari pencinta-wanita, tapi kini diriku Anti Cinta
Kau ada hak untuk pilih yang lain kerna ku Anti Cinta
Tak perlulah kau membuang masa menungguku
Ku tak mungkin dapat memberikan cintaku
Dari pencinta-wanita, tapi kini diriku Anti Cinta

I dunno where to go from here. But I'll work something out :)
Nabil Zamanhuri

Creative Commons License
Anti Cinta by Nabil Zamanhuri is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Malaysia License.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

How to write a song that breaks your heart.

Bapak lama tak update. haha. but seriously, im not a regular blogger. I just write when i feel like writing.

Oh, and finally, my first ballad "Dari Jauh" was launched on the 8th October. Here are some of the pictures during the event :

berjoget tak hingat punya

When i started writing this song, I knew i want it to be a break-up song. I want it to be anthemic, that listeners can relate to it, and say "Hey, this song is about me."

So, i don't wanna do something with minor chords, u know, the typical "begging for her to come back" kind of songs. Nor i don't want it to have a lot of those hi-pitch long notes with a lot of modulation right in the middle of the song.

The song is about "letting go". So im trying achieve the feeling of cold sadness - it's like whispering to someone's ear while she's sleeping, telling her that u're going somewhere, and we might not gonna see each other again. At the intro of the song, u can hear this tapping sound as thou rain falls on your window. And as it went to the 2nd verse, u can hear the timpani, represents the thunder.

I worked extra hard on this song, cos this song means a lot to me. I have to say it's quite personal, but i know everyone might have gone through this.

The song didn't really make it, comercially thou. The radio stations didn't really play it. I'm not sure why, but I don't really care. I just gonna focus with what im doing. I posted it on my facebook and myspace, and my fans ordered it from me...some of them even posted it on youtube and blogs..they sent comments and say something like "lagu ni sedih gila, macam cerita pasal saya dulu", and "lagu ni memang sesuai untuk aku, ex aku baru je kawin..*sobs*", they tell me how much the song has touched me, i have achieved exactly what i want from the song. To move people.

Well, sorry membebel panjang. Thing is, during this PC, the reporters suma tanya about the song, and i told them each and every detail. Tapi, yang keluar "NABIL kuat merajuk". So, the main story was about me and my so-called love life, dekat 18 perenggan duk cerita pasal "berpunya tak berpunya", the only thing they wrote about the song was "Dari Jauh, mengisahkan percintaan 2 insan".... I lol'd.

Alright then. Here is Dari Jauh,

Dari Jauh - Nabil Zamanhuri

here's the performance :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Uh 'ohh




Too much practice.

Now i have sore throat. And "Dari Jauh" showcase is in 2 days. The band is awesome but the singer sakit tekak. oh shi---

they say too much of a good thing can turn into something bad. demm.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Use Somebody

One random day. Bukak Youtube. See this :

Everytime i see his videos i feel so depress. How much practices do i need to do everyday, to have his voice? Daaaayyym u youtube singers. haha. This is my favourite Youtube singer of all time. Airto.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Showing Some Skin

Haha, just messing around with some pre-made skins or blog templates. Don't worry, my blog will be back the way it is...just as soon after i try that emo-ish chick robot image for my background....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Otak Kering (again) - New Song!

Sememangnya otakku ini takdelah basah sangat. Especially bile time2 nak cari idea, time tu la dia kering. Memang salah aku jugak kot. Expecting art to pop up. I think. I THINK. When u think too much of it, work by the rules, expecting too much from it, in the end sampai ke satu tahap they call it "writer's block". Instead, I patut ikut what Damian duk cakap "let the song grow la bro". I somehow jadi restless sebab nak siap cepat kot. haha. Teringat satu quote (yang juga merupakan quote favourite arwah Yasmin Ahmad):

"Artists today think of everything they do as a work of art. It is important to forget about what you are doing - then a work of art may happen." - Andrew Wyeth, an early 20th century American painter

So i thot, "u know wat, chill dulu." So i stopped working on the hook of the song that im working with Damian for awhile and starts listening to music. Diana Danielle pun ada mintak lagu jugak ni. Suprisingly, she's a good singer! So i start grabbing my guitar and see what i can come up for her. In the end i came up with a chorus. It sounds a bit different than what I've done before :

if u were mine.mp3 - Nabil Zamanhuri

possibly my first english number that i wrote. here's the lyrics:

If u were mine

When i see u cry,
Baby I'd die inside,
He was never really true to u,
I can see it in ur eyes..

Please tell me why
did u ever go for such ride,
Babygirl i would die for u
if only u were mine..

if only u were mine..

tak sure lagi if this song gonna make it for Diana Danielle's album or not. I just gonna submit this anyway. If not, I'mma do it for my album, cos i love it :D

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Tahun ni memang ramai legends yang telah meninggalkan kita. Legend2 yang memang banyak bagi inspirasi kat aku, the reason Im doing what Im doing now.

Michael Jackon (atau Mikael? hanya Allah yang tahu)
Yasmin Ahmad
Ustaz Asri..

Mungkin ini petanda bahawa dunia hiburan akan dilanda rombakan atau evolusi (improvement atau downgrading, terpulanglah). Aku tak sure reaction dunia masa, John Lennon mati dulu, atau Elvis cos I wasn't born yet. Termasuk Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee dan Allahyarham Sudirman dulu.. But that's how the world works, i guess.. Pemergian bukan bererti kemusnahan, atau kehilangan. Delete and cancel is not the keyword here. Evolution, hopefully into something (if not better) post-legends. (sorry for the lack of a better word). From Elvis to Michael. From Tan Sri P.Ramlee to Sudirman. From Sudirman to Siti Nurhaliza.

But these legends will live through the future generations. They will always be references and inspirations for us, as u can see it through their works are mostly inspired by legends before them.

and Yasmin Ahmad will always be my inspiration in our local New Wave movies :

this one's my favourite..

Sunday, August 09, 2009


yeah. the title says it all. It HAS been awhile since i updated my blog. And for today's about the man who inspired me, who i grew up with, and the man that made me believe the sky is the limit... yeah. you guessed it right.

Michael Jackson.

this is when i like him the best. his "Thriller" era.

see, i'm not gonna say all the nice things about him, about what he did to the world, because everyone all over the world have done that, beautifully.

it's about how i remember him.

1993, i think it was around 8pm, or 9pm, a 6 year old boy was hanging out with her kakak at her neighbor's place.

The three of us, Kakak, me and Aliza (kot if i'm not mistaken her name was. Lepak in her parents room. Bukak TV, and I saw this man in a fully white suit, white tie and blue shiny shirt. He was in this big house, surrounded by guys in black suits and women in their cabaret dresses.

"Cite ape ni? Sape ni?"

"Maikel Jeksyen"

"Ohh. Kenape dia nyanyi-nyanyi?"

My sister ignored my last question. But my curiosity semakin membuak2. Cos i swear i saw his legs were barely touching the ground. He's floating in the air. With those striking socks in those shiny black shoes. And then he did this :

How the hell did he do dat. I keep on asking myself. i watched the movie till end. There were number of times when he walked in reverse (again, i ternganga tengok), he turned into a robot, jadi flying jet, beat the bad guys and fly into the sky. The kids seem to love him. And right after it ends, I'm starting to copy his moves, even thou tak berapa ingat sangat. I have to watch this again. I want to see him dance. Must ask Umi to buy the video tape for me.

"Umi, boleh tak belikan tape cerita orang nari2 semalam?"

"yang mana?"

"ala, yang pakai topi pastu nari2"

"Cuba tunjuk umi macamana dia buat?"

*spins around and kicks the air*

"Hahaha. Ok2, esok umi beli"

Next morning, my mum gave me the tape. Strange the cover of the tape shows that he was wearing a yellow spandex, with black pants. Apsal lain?

"Ni concert dia."

Oh. ok. I can't really complain. But I know it was the same guy. Put on the tape. The crowds were cheering. But there are still no signs of my new superhero. Waited. Waited. And then Bam! Fireworks, saw the man magically appeared from out of the fire. There he is. In his best form. Standing in proudly looking straight at the audiences that already went crazy. I was standing in front of the 14" Sanyo Color TV, striking the same pose as he was.


I know this song, I heard it on the radio before. Jam! His legs moved so fast. My legs tried to move accordingly. He kicked with his right leg, i kicked with my left. He glided to his right, I glided to my left. He shouted. I shouted. He cried, i crouched and covered my eyes..

And here I am, 16 years later. Still dancing, making music, maybe not as big as Michael, but he inspired me to believe in my dreams, to never give up and to be DIFFERENT. Thank you, King Michael. Rest in peace.

(im looking for the video of me 6 year old dancing to michael jackson. nanti i upload)