Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Aku atau KLCC?

It's New* York laa. haihh Nabil ni.

Remember that viral video? haha.
I was bored. Supposed to finished up my animatics, ended up doing this comic parody. This is what happen when u give me pen and paper. Posted it on tumblr, and then fell asleep. Tiba2 bukak balik tumblr dah ramai orang reblog. First time ada orang reblog aku punya post, lolz :|

Anywaaaay. I should get back to work.

.....right after im done with the Walking Dead marathon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


yaww wassup. its sunday, Animatics presentation is in 4 days, and im procrastinating. Bunyi hujan rintik2 kocak2 air swimming pool, seriously la kan sapa nak vuat kerja time2 camni. Btw, my B still rosak, bbut i gues im kinda used to it now.

My friend Umar lent me a tablet, a tool that u can doodle/draw/sketch on digitally. Dia ada menatang yang mcm pen and paper. Rupa dia camni :

So sekarang duk ketagih main benda alah ni la. Serious weh. Ni adalah beberapa sketch yang telah saya hasilkan, walaupun tak seberapa. First time pakai :)

ni nada rahman. tak siap lagi. yeah ni first eksperimen lukis muka orang. sorry nada u jadi bahan experiment i.

ni character yang memang aku suka sketch. Arnabill the Rabbit.

ni another experiment on color. baru belajar mcmana nak buat color rendering. mcm tak jadi sbnarnya, but oh well :|

Sebenarnya my fren kasi pinjam the tablet to help me on my FYP. Awwww thanx Umar, but u know me la, lagi dekat ngn dateline, lagi la gatal nak buat mende lain. haha. But yeah, so far dah ade la sket2 inspirational sketches from my last2 Crits. here are some teasers of what im doing :

 Apa yang terjadi? Apsal muka mamat first tu mcm Harry Potter? Kenapa kepala dia kena jilat dengan gergasi, sungguh obscene? Nantikannya di minggu hadapan, hanya di Misteri Nusantara. OK lame nya saya. Yeah, insyaAllah when im done with my Animatics, i will post it and give u a clearer idea of what im doing :)

P/S : i have facebook, no more. deactivate kejap. tgh emo. lulz. tak ah. tgh nak focus studies. yeah rright padahal...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hai, nama saya Navil.

Okay. Keyvoard aku vuat hal. Huruf B aku rosak. Susah nak tekan. So B is now V. for now.

Anywaaayy,  u rememver the vimeo "Buas"? Yeah, my friend's FYP yang pasal harimau makan orang tu. Haaa, dengan vangganya saya ingin mengucapkan vahawa dia sudah menang "Vest Animation" di Film Festival Malaysia 23 recently! Haa see Charukh i told u so!! Vangga gila gua. Pastu dia amek gamva sevelah Lisa Surihani. Itu gua tak puas hati. Jeles.

So little update avout MY fyp..
Alhamdulilah the lecturer approved my idea. Cuma kena touch up sikit2. Tomorrow is gonna ve the first CRIT (critic sessions) of this semester, where i need to present my sketches, ideation and some thumvnails. Hopefully everything will go well. Oh the idea? erh, panjang kot nak tulis kat sini. Dah lah ada huruf yang rosak, so i think vetter later je i post kat sini k? And i will keep on updating to show my progress, insyaAllah..

I know, without huruf  b, it sounded as though i just lost my front teeth.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Im a bad blogger

yes yes ok fiiiiiine. aku jahat. tak tepati janji. kata nak post gamba Beijing la Yunan la bagai. (ok sejak bila aku pakai perkataan 'bagai'? Bagai tu kira mcm etcetera la kira. ok moving on)

But seriously doh. Bukan salah aku tau aku nak procastinate2 bagai (ha bagai lagi). Internet lembab. yes, tau alasan cliche. Tapi bile internet lembab, smgt nak edit gamba jadi mcm kurang, sbb ia membuatkan aku fikir
"kalau aku edit skrg pun internet tengah lembab pastu kalau save low reso mcm tak nampak pula color curves yang aku dah buat berjam jam ahh mampus ahhh kroih kroihh"

So yeah. Aku tau memang bosan tgk text panjang2. Aku pun bosan gak baca blog orang banyak text. Mungkin bila dah sampai Unifi nanti aku upload la. ...kot.

Anywaaayyyy. It's my final year oredi in MMU. woaaaah. FYP yall. Final Year Project. Yakni, subject yang menggerunkan semua bebudak final year. D'uh. So means all the final year students will struggle to finish up their fyp from now, till 6 months later before the big presentation which is gonna be probbly middle of next year. As for my majoring pula, which is in Film and Animation, kami telah diperuntukkan (eh betul ke penggunaan perkataan tu?) untuk membuat "short film" atau filem pendek of 3-4minutes. Short film mestilah berconsistkan Visual Effects or Character Animation, or even Motion Graphics, terpulang pada group atau individu masing2.

So basically is either u can be in a group of 4 or individual. But since im not from this batch (loong story, shooting la hapa lah, last2 join the one year younger juniors), so looking for a groupmate is not really an option since dey all dah decide group diorang since waaay before diorang start this semester. So yeah. Kesian aku. But heyy, buat individual means everything is up to me, ideas, concept, all la. But the bad news is, i can't do anything yang too ambitious or besar since i tak cukup tangan. Aku yang nak model, aku la yang nak shoot, aku la yang nak render, aku nak edit composite color grading, sound design..... ZOMBIE.

So now tgh process mencari idea.....memandangkan tema yang diberikan oleh MMU sem ini adalah FOOD. Tapi takkan la nak buat pasal pisang yang bolah bercakap pulak kan? Mereka mahukan benda2 yang deep yang metaphoric bagai (ok nabil stop with ur bagai2). I hope i can achieve something yang can touch the audience's heart, I'll try to be as honest as i can, selain cuba selit2kan element VFX, since thats the requirement, but I'll make that more as a support for my story. To me, the most important thing is the story-telling. But for now, story pun belum ada lagi. haihh. Anyway, esok im going to Batu Pahat for Hot.fm Mini Jam...its probably gonna be my last performance before deciding to take a break for my studies... But its still in planning. I might still be around.

And here are some of my friend's work of their FYP that happens to be my favorite  :

this one from Charuk. Buat nangis wehh..

BUAS from Charukphong Anuvong on Vimeo.

and this one is from Ike, William, Razzman and Vic. I love the last part!

Vii Synn (The 7 Deadly Sins) from William Gallyot on Vimeo.

I really hope i can do my best, and hopefully can go beyond what my friends have benchmarked!
They really inspire me :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Bangun pagi, tekan snooze alarm tido balik. Pastu bangun 3 jam kemudian. Bangun balik pastu snooze 10minit lagi. Pastu bila bangun for real, turn on facebook, approve apa2 yang perlu dia approve, Like sana Like sini, tag muka sendiri, pastu stalk orang, kalau takde updateds on notifications, mulalah hantar comment random dengan harapan mereka akan reply. Itulah routine setiap hari selepas bangun. Bila dah petang baru gelabah nak cari lunch la, mandi la, tau2 je dah nak malam, pastu rasa macam tak cukup time nak buat keje. Ya. Itulah sebabnya kadang2 saya tak sempat2 nak update blog ini. Dan dah banyak kali rasa mcm nak post pasal hari2 sewaktu saya berada di Beijing, tapi malangnya everytime i thot of it, my head will start saying "Jap gi lah. Tunggu bila dah free gila." Syabas Nabil, time anda free gila itu sudah diisi dengan waktu tidor anda. hahahaha. So i decided, that from now on, i will practice the EIGHT MINUTE RULE! What is 8minrule u tanya? ha ni dia:


Getting Things Done with The Eight Minute Rule

There’s a ton of stuff you don’t do when you could, and sogetting things done causes you stress.
Small stuff. Stuff that accumulates during the week, stresses you out to the point of flipping, when you embark on a frenzy of activity, getting things done, cleaning cars, getting to the dry-cleaners, writing your thank-you notes, before repeating the cycle over.
Boom and bust.
These bipolar bursts of activity rock the steady foundations of coasting along as the suave man-for-all-seasons you aspire to be.
(We’ll deal with the danger of aspirations another day.)
So here’s the problem:
You want to be the kind of host that can offer a gin and tonic to a friend that drops by at no notice, in an apartment free from piles of laundry and cat hair, and from a kitchen that isn’t doubling up as a petri dish.
But you can’t find the time to do the laundry and clean up the cat hair, and you always forget to buy tonic.
And here’s a couple of steps towards a solution:
Pick your tasks one at a time, and apply the eight-minute rule.
Most of the things that need doing around the house can be done in under ten minutes. That’s a really short period of time. If you have your snooze button set to ten minute intervals, you’ll appreciate just how little time that is.
BUT. It’s enough time to do LOADS of stuff:
  • Taking out the trash – 2 minutes
  • Loading the dishwasher – 4 minutes
  • Hoovering one room – 7 minutes
  • Ordering a crate of tonic water online – 4 minutes
  • Ironing two shirts – 8 minutes
  • Going around your bedroom, picking up every stray sock and t-shirt and chucking all in the laundry bin – 5 minutes
  • Paying five utility bills – 6 minutes
  • etc etc etc
If you’ve got young kids, eight minutes is about the maximum time you get to yourself anyway. Load the washing machine in your first eight minutes, and drink that gin and tonic in the second.
When you get home tonight, after boiling the kettle, and in the eight minutes before Eastenders starts, do something. It won’t take long (under eight minutes, in fact), you’ll experience the warm glow of achievement, and you’ll be one step closer to being the domestic goddess you aspire you to be.
There are a ton of tools that help you get things done. Start using them. They might just work."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hati Ini terharu :)

I found this when I was browsing Youtube. Ok fine. I was youtubing my name. But then, i found this!!
Someone covered my very first song that i wrote, Hati Ini. I was so excited campur terharu dowhh. And they did the original acoustic version instead of the radio version. This song means a lot to me, cos it was my very first song. They have really made my day, and give me more reason and inspired me to write more and more songs. Thanx guys :')

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dude, seriously

I really need to change my blogging habits.

I only blog whenever i want, however i want.
But then, doing that, make me lazy to even blog at all.

Haih. Nabil nabil. The main reason why i created this blog is to see progress. Yes.
That's what it is. Tapi kalau tak update, mana progress nya dong. Dong. haha. klaka la. DONG.

Maybe i should start by changing the theme of my blog. Hitam ini sangat dull dan emo-ish.
Tapi saya malas untuk cari template, adjust coding and semua benda alah itu. issshhh rimas sungguh.
Ok lah. Here's a little update sejak my last post, ya.

I've recorded a new song, kira first single under Alibi Music label. It's pretty much "Stargate Ne-yo"
 inspired, with the romantic-sad chords progression with some in-your face street beats, including some synth lines. I worked with Adeep TFC and Cat on the melody and lyrics, while Francis did the beats. I'm very happy with the song, finally after few years i came up with something I really wanted to do, a good up-beat R&B song that everyone can dance with. 
It's different than what I've done before, though it has been a dream for me to do something like this, but people has been stopping me from doing this kind of genre back then sebab menurut diorang it's "not commercial". But the ones that u said suppose to be "commercial" tu pun tak ke mana, so F u. Now I'm doing it, no one's gonna stop me.

Pastu, few weeks ago i entered Worldstars Road to Hollywood. It was a last minute thing. Seriously, masa audition aku tak prepare apa langsung. But luckily I got through to the semi finals, and then to the final. But sadly, masa final, I had the worst sore throat (bukan alasan okaaay. but yeah, this is entirely my fault) of my career. So nope, i failed to get to Hollywood, but i guess it wasn't my rezeki. Shylla and Iz Sulaini dapat, and I'm so happy for them. They were awesome that night, in fact, all of them were great. Probably competition yang paling menakutkan skali ever entered because EVERYONE has very powerful vocals, quality jaaaaauh lebih dahsyat daripada the reality tv shows yang kita duk idang hari2.

But then, I was selected to represent Malaysia for Shanghai Asia New Singer Competition 2010, the one yang Datuk Siti and Jaclyn penah menang dulu, and will be held in Beijing. I pegi on the 28th of April, which is next week! So I only have less than two weeks left to prepare! Esok I'll be seeing Adnan Abu Hassan, so that he can help me polish my vocals before i go.

Panjang kan? Tersangatlah TL;DR (too long;don't read) ye? Inilah terjadi bila lamaaaa tak update. Skali update banyak nak mampus rupanya. Ye lah, saya bukan seperti Nada Rahman yang mampu update blognya bila2 dia nak. Ok dah2. Apa2 i will update, especially when I'm in Beijing :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom says "Don't talk to strangers,"

But I did. Especially when i found this random website called "Chatroulette.com", where u can have a webcam chat with random strangers all over the world. So thats what me and afiv did last nyte, skipping from one stranger to another hoping to find a Zooey Deschanel-ish chick to have a conversation with, when most of the time all we found were perverted mofos showing their tiny bananas infront of the camera. But we found Korean chicks.

*notice afiv's trollface. kids, when u see him, RUN.

Umar pun try jugak:

*Umar. You's really handsome.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Twenty Ten! BERTUKARR!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's not too late to wish everyone to have a very good year.
Yeap, it's time to make more resolutions (walaupun the last year's resolution tak complete tapi takpe postpone to this year).

This year's resolution mmg banyak if nak list, I don't think i want to list it all pun. Apart from I want write more songs, get a girlfriend, make more money, make new friends, be a better person, be a better this, be a better that. One thing i really wanted to do, is to...


I want to transform myself from this :

(that's not me...but kurus la i pun)


ehhh not  u, Mr.Prime. Althou that would be so cool, but i don't think its possible.

What i meant is.....THIS!

yeah, yeah i know i know, thats Zac Efron alrryte. I googled and he seemed to have almost the same body characteristics with mine, such as the height, the posture and his face shape. The only thing that I don't have are those freakin abs and freakin body tone that chicks drooled all over. F you, Zac Efron.

So yeah, i guess that's my motivation for now, hopefully 6 months from now, my body will turn out to be like that, and get a girlfren that looks like Vanessa Hudgens. But first, lemme grab some Big Mac...

 On another note, here's a new video from women-beater, Chris Brown. I CAN TRANSFORM YA!

Until next time....Happy New Year!

Welcome Back, Mr.Bil.

Naaaahhhh, i don't think i can leave this place.

Well, TumblrTown was cool and all.....but this is where i "escape".
So, hello again, people :)