Monday, November 17, 2008


First of all, sorry lama gila bapak tak update the blog. Becos i seryesly tak expect people would actually found and read it. Sebab gua tak promote kot. But to those who bertandang n pay a visit, mekasihh. This blog obviously takde purpose. Just some mindless babbles about my life, hopefully progressing into something better.

About the title of this post, don't worry, it has nothing to do with girls, wet dreams, or anything involving teenage dreams during a period of hitting puberty. haha.

Ok, so currently, I'm working on a new single with Lah Ahmad, a former member of Voices of Euphonious (aka VE). So let me tell u this people, I've been following VE since R&B Hip Hop era baru nak start in our country. I think it was during Too Phat punya era kot, in 1999 to 2002. I was blown away when i heard their album with Ruffedge in Extreme Pleasure. The impact, to me, was as big as the time when Innuendo first came out. They are probably the reason why i want to sing.

So Lah Ahmad is definitely someone that i look up to.
I remembered, when i was form 1 to form 3, i was a (and still am) big fan of local urban scene. Too Phat, VE, Ruffedge, Innuendo, Teh Tarik Crew, Poetic Ammo, M.O.B, Phlowtron... u name it. I remembered, reading the booklets of Too Phat's "plan b" cd, VE Ruffedge's "Extreme Pleasure", Too Phat's project "Phat family"..and try to remember all the names that were involve in the production.

"izham omar"
"illegal - Sound engineer/arranger/producer/composer"
"eka shereen"
"positive tone"
"playtime studios"

POSITIVE TONE. thats where they start.
I remember looking at those two words, wishing i could be there one day, at least see how they work, meet all these brilliant people, and get inspired. These people made great music. AWESOME music. Masa tu baru aku sedar, that's what i want to do. Make music. Be one of them. Inspire people.

So there i was, about 3 days ago, working with the man that i look up to, Lah Ahmad, in Platinum Studios (formerly known as Playtime studios). Not only that, I met another man that inspires me musically (and ideologically) Malique Ibrahim, from Too Phat. You have no idea, NO IDEA at all, how that feels to finally meet all these great people and talk to them in the same night. At first macam segan jugak to tegur, knowing that he's the most respected person in Hip Hop, takut kena sound balik plak. haha. but woah, he is sangat baik wo. beliau adalah seorang yang sgt jujur and sgt stern dengan pendapatnya sendiri. He told me to be confident. "You've got talent bro, don't waste it.". I respect him a lot. And his latest album OK is brilliant. Seriously, its by far his best work. We manage to take few pictures right before i get back to work on the song. And yep, Illegal was there too! (will post the pictures later)

By the way, here's the song that I'm working on. This one is the rough version, recorded at Effy's studio, not the one in Platinum.

Dari Jauh (Rough Guide) - Nabil Zamanhuri

Follow your dreams :)