Sunday, August 09, 2009


yeah. the title says it all. It HAS been awhile since i updated my blog. And for today's about the man who inspired me, who i grew up with, and the man that made me believe the sky is the limit... yeah. you guessed it right.

Michael Jackson.

this is when i like him the best. his "Thriller" era.

see, i'm not gonna say all the nice things about him, about what he did to the world, because everyone all over the world have done that, beautifully.

it's about how i remember him.

1993, i think it was around 8pm, or 9pm, a 6 year old boy was hanging out with her kakak at her neighbor's place.

The three of us, Kakak, me and Aliza (kot if i'm not mistaken her name was. Lepak in her parents room. Bukak TV, and I saw this man in a fully white suit, white tie and blue shiny shirt. He was in this big house, surrounded by guys in black suits and women in their cabaret dresses.

"Cite ape ni? Sape ni?"

"Maikel Jeksyen"

"Ohh. Kenape dia nyanyi-nyanyi?"

My sister ignored my last question. But my curiosity semakin membuak2. Cos i swear i saw his legs were barely touching the ground. He's floating in the air. With those striking socks in those shiny black shoes. And then he did this :

How the hell did he do dat. I keep on asking myself. i watched the movie till end. There were number of times when he walked in reverse (again, i ternganga tengok), he turned into a robot, jadi flying jet, beat the bad guys and fly into the sky. The kids seem to love him. And right after it ends, I'm starting to copy his moves, even thou tak berapa ingat sangat. I have to watch this again. I want to see him dance. Must ask Umi to buy the video tape for me.

"Umi, boleh tak belikan tape cerita orang nari2 semalam?"

"yang mana?"

"ala, yang pakai topi pastu nari2"

"Cuba tunjuk umi macamana dia buat?"

*spins around and kicks the air*

"Hahaha. Ok2, esok umi beli"

Next morning, my mum gave me the tape. Strange the cover of the tape shows that he was wearing a yellow spandex, with black pants. Apsal lain?

"Ni concert dia."

Oh. ok. I can't really complain. But I know it was the same guy. Put on the tape. The crowds were cheering. But there are still no signs of my new superhero. Waited. Waited. And then Bam! Fireworks, saw the man magically appeared from out of the fire. There he is. In his best form. Standing in proudly looking straight at the audiences that already went crazy. I was standing in front of the 14" Sanyo Color TV, striking the same pose as he was.


I know this song, I heard it on the radio before. Jam! His legs moved so fast. My legs tried to move accordingly. He kicked with his right leg, i kicked with my left. He glided to his right, I glided to my left. He shouted. I shouted. He cried, i crouched and covered my eyes..

And here I am, 16 years later. Still dancing, making music, maybe not as big as Michael, but he inspired me to believe in my dreams, to never give up and to be DIFFERENT. Thank you, King Michael. Rest in peace.

(im looking for the video of me 6 year old dancing to michael jackson. nanti i upload)