Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom says "Don't talk to strangers,"

But I did. Especially when i found this random website called "Chatroulette.com", where u can have a webcam chat with random strangers all over the world. So thats what me and afiv did last nyte, skipping from one stranger to another hoping to find a Zooey Deschanel-ish chick to have a conversation with, when most of the time all we found were perverted mofos showing their tiny bananas infront of the camera. But we found Korean chicks.

*notice afiv's trollface. kids, when u see him, RUN.

Umar pun try jugak:

*Umar. You's really handsome.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Twenty Ten! BERTUKARR!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's not too late to wish everyone to have a very good year.
Yeap, it's time to make more resolutions (walaupun the last year's resolution tak complete tapi takpe postpone to this year).

This year's resolution mmg banyak if nak list, I don't think i want to list it all pun. Apart from I want write more songs, get a girlfriend, make more money, make new friends, be a better person, be a better this, be a better that. One thing i really wanted to do, is to...


I want to transform myself from this :

(that's not me...but kurus la i pun)


ehhh not  u, Mr.Prime. Althou that would be so cool, but i don't think its possible.

What i meant is.....THIS!

yeah, yeah i know i know, thats Zac Efron alrryte. I googled and he seemed to have almost the same body characteristics with mine, such as the height, the posture and his face shape. The only thing that I don't have are those freakin abs and freakin body tone that chicks drooled all over. F you, Zac Efron.

So yeah, i guess that's my motivation for now, hopefully 6 months from now, my body will turn out to be like that, and get a girlfren that looks like Vanessa Hudgens. But first, lemme grab some Big Mac...

 On another note, here's a new video from women-beater, Chris Brown. I CAN TRANSFORM YA!

Until next time....Happy New Year!

Welcome Back, Mr.Bil.

Naaaahhhh, i don't think i can leave this place.

Well, TumblrTown was cool and all.....but this is where i "escape".
So, hello again, people :)