Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gua dah bosan perform cara sama. Everytime naik stage nyanyi lagu sama. The same set of Hati Ini, Pria Terhebat (with tengah ade dance break), Pada Senyummu and kadang2 ade la selit lagu Bukan Untukku or Dipersimpangan Kenangan.

If im lucky, dapat la jugak perform lagu "like i love u" with dancers Floor Fever crew. Tapi nak bayar dancers tu haduihh....not complaining, but with the hasil that i get from shows, bayar dancers, tersangat lah sikitnya portion yang gua dapat. See, i dun care about the money, u know, as long as i can have great show, im happy. But how can we get a great show with a very low budget, pakai minus one and nyanyi sengsorang on stage?

Audience bosan kot. Im sure. They'll go like, "ohh man, another guy singer from another reality tv show". Camne diorang nak take me seriously if i keep on doing the same thing over and over again? Naik nyanyi turun. apakah??? Everyone can do that. EVRYONE.

Some singers can whale their voice for a whole day long, bile tarik tinggi sket, "wuishhh dahsyat nye ini worang"...but im not one of those singers. Im a performer. I cant just sing on stage pastu diri jer, that wont work.

I have to be different.

Ade few shows i did, i sang Pada Senyummu while lukis a caricature of a little girl that picked from the audience, and also when i sing Pria Terhebat, there's a break where i masukkan a part of Rock Your Body punye beatbox break and i dance to it. And then ade this one show at JB and Kulai, i bawak white rose and kasi an audience when i sing the part "mawarku...tahukah kau.." of the song "Kau Pergi Jua".

But itu suma tak cukup. Cliche. I want more.

I wish i can do something like Futuresex/Loveshow, where i own the stage, the band, the dancers, the lights, the audiences, and the whole goddamn show. Sing all my own songs. No covers. Im sick of singing covers. Now that's, a great show.

Maybe one day people will see what i can do and what im capable of. Maybe one day people will appreciate my efforts to give a great show, and respect me for it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blog. Snoop Bloggy Blogg. Snoop Bloggy Blogg featuring Nate Blogg.

Sapeeelah yang mencipta blog. And kenapa dia panggil "BLOG"? Why not "ELOG"? We don't call e-mail as bmail kan?

Ok. Saya ngarut. The worst introduction for a blog. And it's my first post. And from my past experience, it myte be the last.

So why do i Blog even thou i tau it wont last more than 2 posts. If blogger.com still available the next 20 years, then there'll be a 3rd post kot. I duno.

Maybe Blog is an 'IN' thing nowadays. People upload their thoughts and feelings thru online. (god, this keyboard is sticky. jenama apakah ini? "TECOM"? apatu?) They sell stuffs thru blogs nowadays. Oh, tau Shopreina? Thats amira's blog jual baju. BAJU. wow, skrg takyah gi Topshop dah bleh browse for baju kan? Is there an online fitting room as well? oh here's the link to shopreina.

its 8.25 in the morning. And its RARE for me to get up this early (unless I tak tido at all). I wonder if Nasi Lemak mak cik klantan kat bawah bukak ke tak...oh. tak bukak. tengah cuti. lupa. haih, ini la yang tak best bile duk hostel mase cuti mid term. Kedai nasi lemak tak bukak. why am i staying in hostel sedangkan its cuti? Well, duk rumah pun bosan also. Kakak goes to work, Madihah skooling, Umi jaga kedai, Naufal, Ayah, Mommy at Taman Kosas. And i left my pc here in MMU, so i stay here la. I got vocal class at 2. or 3. My class usually on Monday at 3 at Platinum Studios, but postpne ke Today sebab Monday haritu hangout with my dad at Klcc....

.....yeah. teringat dat day mase i hangout at klcc. She didnt even look at me. Probably cos the boyfren was there. Or i dun matter at all. at ALL. haih. But she seems happy. Thats all that matters.