Friday, December 02, 2011

Almost the end of the line.

Talk about my studies. It's almost over. Few months and I'll be free!
Tinggal MUET and languages and small stuff.

This semester (baki2 semester yang tinggal) I had to take the Visual Effects and Compositing class.
Thing is, I should've taken this subject before I took my FYP, but unfortunately, my scheduling semua telah berterabur sejak shooting beberapa tahun lepas (thank to Katrina Kamelia. more on that later), so the only time I can take it is on this semester. Oh well. I don't mind re-learning some stuff I've already know. A bit redundant, sebab some of the assignments I've done it during my Beta years. Ok la kot. refresh. Maybe ada benda yang aku miss.

So the first assignment was to take a picture of a Cyberjaya or Putrajaya building or landscape, and turn it into a "Matte Painting". The theme could be fantasy, futuristic or whatever. So i did this :

Original Picture : Faculty of Creative Multimedia, MMU

         Actually, at the beginning of the assignment, otak macam dah kering. Sebab seriously, right after FYP, I kind of deserted every technical things that I know about Visual Effects. All the tools were left to dust. Wait. The tools are virtual mana boleh ada dust. ok. digital dust. lame nabil. Anyway, bila start bukak balik Photoshop, otak tiba-tiba jam, uninspired. I don't even know how to manipulate pictures anymore. I can't see the difference between which one is fake which one is real. Rasa macam first year balik.

So its proven that creativity requires practice. Every single day. Eeeee scary. I only got back on track right after I played an adequate amount of  video games and movies (for inspiration purposes. and Skyrim rocks. haha). I didn't have enough time to finish the thing, (sebab start last minute, too much video game. my fault. ), so here's what I came up with :

Faculty of Creative Multimedia. Left to ruin. Nature starts to take over...Kind of like my brain condition after too many internets.

             Aaaaaah it was so rushed. Banyak lagi benda boleh letak. Thought of putting more trees but oh what the heck. Tak sempat. Masa nak submit tu pun I fell sick. Probably the cats. I love my cats. 

        Other than that, on the other side of my life, Nabil Zamanhuri is currently shooting 2 musical TV series. The first one dah habis shoot, which is "Cinta Stroberi & Coklat", directed by Azma Aizal Yuusof, produced by RadiusOne. I played as Alfie, an arrogant R&B singer and dancer who's a student at Aswara. Serious character tu berlagak gila. Aku tengok the first 3 episodes, aku rasa macam nak lempang diri sendiri.

 Here's the trailer :
happynya semua orang menyanyi dalam kehidupan diorang. 

      The other one still tak habis shoot lagi, it's called Inspirasi Varsiti, directed by Pali, produced by Erma Fatima punya production Rumah Karya Cinta. I played as Riyan, a guy that has a rockband, plays basketball and ride ze motorbike. Yes. Memang lain sungguh dari Nabil yang sebenar. hahaha. Both of these series will be aired on RTM 2, tak sure bila. 

So yeah, so far those are my updates. Gonna come up with new music soon, setting up my mini home-studio....basically preparing, for my post-student days. It's gonna be the end of the line for me as a student soon, but it's gonna be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Praying for the best. InsyaAllah..

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